5 Things Writers Can Learn from the World Cup

The recent international soccer game in Jacksonville got me thinking about the World Cup games, the consuming passion for them around the world, and what we – as writers – can learn from it.

How World Cup Soccer is like a Great Book: (simply replace team with protagonist)

  1. You’re totally in love with your team (as in, enough to paint yourself blue).
  2. Your team has a clear goal and the stakes can’t get any higher.
  3. Your team is working their butts off to win the game, willing to do whatever it takes (even the occasional red card in the goalie box).
  4. The other team is just as committed to see your team lose.
  5. There’s no way you’re going to leave before the final whistle. And in the end, you’ll glow with happiness or cry in defeat along with your team.
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