Lectures and Workshops

In addition to my scheduled lectures and workshops, the following workshops can be brought to your group or event.

  • Story Creation Workshops: Join me for this 3 hour workshop where we will use storyboard techniques to give shape to your story idea or novel. Do you know what your ACT I climax is? How does your story change at the mid-point? Whether you’re new to writing or have already been published, this workshop will help you map out a more focused and engaging plot.
  • Revision Workshop: Learn how to transform your rough draft into a compelling and well-crafted novel through personalized feedback in a series of hands-on revision exercises. This workshop is available using a broad scope in a large group setting or in small groups for a more intensive experience.
  • Craft of Writing Lectures: Strengthen your skills in a particular aspect of the craft of writing in these 1.5 hour workshops (also available in lecture format). Topics include: shaping your story through plot turning points; connecting the reader to your protagonist; what belongs in your opening pages; and creating compelling characters. A full listing is available – please contact me through form below.
  • Scrivener: Organizing your story or writing project has never been easier! In this 2.5 hour workshop, participants will learn to use Scrivener, a powerful and time-saving software tool used by writers around the world. Manuscript, visual storyboard, files for research, and more are all stored in one multi-purpose program. Scrivener’s manuscript compilation features are also great for preparing your manuscript for self-publication. WORKSHOP COMING SOON!

To reserve your spot in an upcoming workshop or to request more information – including having me bring this workshop to your writers group, please leave a message along with your name and email address in the comment box below. (All comments on this page are private.)

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