In addition to working with individual authors, I run multiple writers groups which meet in workshop format twice a month. We start by covering plot arc and character development, then move on to scene level concerns, such as scene structure and pacing, finishing about a year later with line level edits, such as how to strengthen your prose. If you are interested in learning when the next group will start or would like to be put on a waitlist, please contact me.

I am also available for talks and workshops with other writing groups.

  • Any of the interactive talks from my craft of writing series (or a combination of them) can be brought to your group at your location. This lets you work on your manuscript with the writers you are already working with and at a time and location convenient to you. The fee for this is $60 (up to 4 people) and an additional $5 per person up to 8 people (length of talk may be extended to allow all participants to share).
  • Have a different topic you’d like to cover? Contact me to inquire about additional topics or a group session custom made for you.
  • Story creation workshop: how do you take an idea and turn it into a story? This 2.5 hr long workshop focuses on developing the characters and conflict for your story. Whether you prefer a detailed outline (“plotter”) or to just let the story take you away (“pantser”), this workshop will help you turn those great thoughts and ideas into words.
  • Facilitated writers group: I am also available to meet with your group to facilitate critique sessions and bring your writing group to the next level.

“I’ve attended a lot of writing workshops and conferences and Heather Whitaker is by far one of the best instructors out there. Her patient and practical methods work for both the novice and the more experienced writer. An excellent editor, she’s capable of looking at a story and telling you how to make it better. Heather is simply awesome and my writing has improved because of her.” — Maria Geraci, author of The Boyfriend of the Month Club, A Girl Like You