Editing Testimonials

"Heather Whitaker is a master teacher of tension, plotting, and the integration of language and action. With 18 published books under my belt, I've learned more from her in the last few years than at any other point in my career. She is my narrative guru, my (now not-so-secret) secret weapon."

—Julianna Baggott, best-selling, award-winning author of the Pure trilogy


Pure cover

"What I sent Heather was a big bin filled with novelistic parts; what Heather sent back to me was a set of clear, concise instructions - a blueprint, basically - for assembling those parts into a well-constructed novel."

—John Jefferson, NYT Bestselling co-author of CUT TO THE BONE (Harper Collins, 2014) and THE BREAKING POINT (Harper Collins, 2015) 

Cut to the Bone

"Heather has edited for me for the past four years in various capacities, ranging from brainstorming premises and story development to the fine-tunings of micro-tension and voice. For my debut novel COUNTING BACKWARDS, Heather worked with me from the earliest stages through the final rewrite. She's a whiz at plot, conflict and pacing as well as developing authentic, believable characters. Rather than pointing out a story's flaws, she identifies ways to make it stronger and delivers her suggestions for revision with both clarity and encouragement.

I honestly believe it was Heather’s discerning eye that helped me land an agent and a publishing contract."

—Laura Lascarso, author of COUNTING BACKWARDS (Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, August 2012), winner of the 2012 Florida Gold Book Award for young adult fiction

Counting Backwards cover

Presentation Testimonials

"For two years in a row at the annual Florida Writers Conference, attendees packed rooms to hear Heather Whitaker’s presentations. Heather knows her stuff, delivering a masters class on creative storytelling in each of her multiple sessions, and doing it with enthusiasm and professionalism."

—Vic DiGenti, Conference Faculty Chair, Florida Writers Conference, 2017-18


"Heather Whitaker is an outstanding speaker! Professional and enthusiastic, this experienced writing coach presented one the highest quality writers’ workshops the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation has held. And her handouts were amazing! I highly recommend Heather to all writers’ groups."

— Julie Weary, Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation Adult Writers’ Workshop Chair 


Workshop Testimonials

"I've attended a lot of writing workshops and conferences and Heather Whitaker is by far one of the best instructors out there. Her patient and practical methods work for both the novice and the more experienced writer. An excellent editor, she's capable of looking at a story and telling you how to make it better. Heather is simply awesome and my writing has improved because of her."

—Maria Geraci, best-selling, award-winning author of THE BOYFRIEND OF THE MONTH CLUB, A GIRL LIKE YOU

Boyfriend of the Month Club cover

Coaching Testimonials

"Genre-specific feedback and constructive guidance make Heather's coaching critique less about editing details and more about the pig picture (or story in this case). Her obvious joy of writing is evident in her enthusiasm and patience."

—Jerry W, Midland, MI