New Story Creation Workshops Underway!

Do you have an idea for a story but can’t figure out how to make it into a novel? Have you already written a novel but there’s something lacking in the plot? Maybe you have the full outline for a story, but just can’t push through to the end?

My upcoming story creation workshops might be just what you need.

Designed as an ongoing series, participants in the Tallahassee area will meet with a group twice a month learning how to use the storyboard technique embraced by screenwriters to help you flesh out a working structure for your story.

At the initial meeting, writers will receive their storyboard materials and learn the basics. Then twice a month we’ll meet for two hours so participants can go over what they have plotted so far, ask questions and get guidance about how to proceed. The benefits of this are two-fold:

1)      You get ongoing guidance with your story

2)      The twice-a-month deadline helps you stay committed to your writing

The cost for each 2 hour session is $15, plus a one-time $12 supply fee for the backboard and materials needed to make our storyboards. If you are interested in signing up or learning more, please contact me.




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